Climate Action

Inevitably, jobs in fossil fuel sectors will disappear. The Saskatchewan Green Party is committed to a fair and caring transition of workers from these sectors into new ones. This will include measures such as income protection, job guarantees, retraining and resettlement. The detailed programs would be developed in partnership with workers and their unions.

A Green government will create a just transition framework for oil, gas and coal sector workers that reflects the unique conditions of each community. This would be modelled on the recommendations of the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities, which we would implement in full for Saskatchewan. They are (adapted to all three sectors):

  • Embed just transition principles in planning, legislative, regulatory and advisory processes to ensure ongoing and concrete actions throughout the fossil-fuel phase-out transition, including:
  • Meeting directly with affected communities to learn about their local priorities, and to connect them with federal programs that could support their goals.
  • Establishing a dedicated, comprehensive, inclusive and flexible just transition funding program for affected communities.
  • Developing and implementing a just transition plan for workers in fossil fuel sectors, championed by a lead minister who oversees and reports on progress.
  • Integrating provisions for just transition in provincial environmental and labour legislation and regulations, as well as relevant inter-governmental agreements.
  • Establishing a targeted, long-term research fund for studying the impact of the sector phase-out and the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Ensure locally available support, including funding the establishment and operation of locally-driven transition centres in affected communities.
  • Identify and fund local infrastructure projects in affected communities.
  • Provide a pathway to retirement by creating a pension bridging program for workers who will retire earlier than planned due to the phase-out.

Transition workers to sustainable employment by:

  • Creating a detailed and publicly available inventory with labour market information pertaining to oil, coal and gas workers, such as skills profiles, demographics, locations, and current and potential employers.
  • Creating a comprehensive funding program for workers staying in the labour market to address their needs across the stages of securing a new job, including income support, education and skills building, re-employment, and mobility.
  • Investing in comprehensive retraining and apprenticeship programs for industrial trades workers for jobs in the transition to a zero-carbon economy, especially the renewable and energy efficiency sectors.

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