Naomi Hunter
Leader of the
Saskatchewan Green Party


Naomi Hunter has been involved in a listening campaign throughout Saskatchewan. She has heard the concerns of voters and has based her platform on the main issues that you and your neighbours have expressed to her.

On doorsteps and at community events, she has heard the same issues come up over and over again. Saskatchewan needs a strong voice in its MLA’s. Elected officials need to remember that they are working for their constituents, not pushing their own agendas.


Naomi Hunter


A leader who listens

Saskatchewan Green Party members are not career politicians, they are real people from all walks of life who are passionate about making our province a better, fairer place. The Saskatchewan Green Party is formed by real people, for real people. They know how life is for most of us, so they fight for a fairer world, for real change and for the common good. Naomi Hunter is that; a person who genuinely represents your interests, who has experienced many of the same things you have.

Naomi Hunter was born in Turtleford, Saskatchewan and grew up in the north. She runs the family Haskap farm with her father in the summer (also in northern SK, near P.A.). This is a Leader who understands the strong ties that most Saskatchewan people have to their rural roots, even when they live in the city. During the rest of the year, she teaches fitness classes for seniors. Being self-employed most of her adult life, Naomi has strong sympathies for the struggles that small business owners face. She is committed to providing support to help small business owners.

Community involvement is an important part of Naomi’s life and always has been. Here in Regina, she founded the “I Will Help Regina” Facebook group. She started that initiative to help turn people’s fear they were expressing when a large number of Syrian refugees were coming to our country. She feels that if others greet new people with gifts and help, this will foster understanding and break down barriers. People can ask for help in getting clothing, food and furniture, and receive it.

Our Leader is approachable and responsive. Reach out today. She would love to hear from you. Naomi personally answers all her own messages, emails and phone calls. She is looking forward to representing you moving forward.

A leader that truly supports you and your interests.

Naomi Hunter is the kind of party leader who genuinely represents your interests, who has experienced many of the things you have. She is relatable to people because she can share many of their struggles and relate them to her own. Reach out to her today!

The Green Party


Climate Action

Inevitably, jobs in fossil fuel sectors will disappear. The Saskatchewan Green Party is committed to a fair and caring transition of workers from these sectors into new ones. This will include measures such as income protection, jobs guarantees, retraining and resettlement . The detailed programs would be developed in partnership with workers and their unions.

A Green government will create a just transition framework for oil, gas and coal sector workers that reflects the unique conditions of each community. This would be modeled on the recommendations of the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities, which we would implement in full for Saskatchewan. They are (adapted to all three sectors):

  • Embed just transition principles in planning, legislative, regulatory and advisory processes to ensure ongoing and concrete actions throughout the fossil-fuel phase-out transition, including:
  • Meeting directly with affected communities to learn about their local priorities, and to connect them with federal programs that could support their goals.
  • Establishing a dedicated, comprehensive, inclusive and flexible just transition funding program for affected communities.
  • Developing and implementing a just transition plan for workers in fossil fuel sectors, championed by a lead minister who oversees and reports on progress.
  • Integrating provisions for just transition in provincial environmental and labour legislation and regulations, as well as relevant inter-governmental agreements.
  • Establishing a targeted, long-term research fund for studying the impact of the sector phase-out and the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Ensure locally available supports, including funding the establishment and operation of locally-driven transition centres in affected communities.
  • Identify and fund local infrastructure projects in affected communities.
  • Provide a pathway to retirement by creating a pension bridging program for workers who will retire earlier than planned due to the phase out.

Transition workers to sustainable employment by:

  • Creating a detailed and publicly available inventory with labour market information pertaining to oil, coal and gas workers, such as skills profiles, demographics, locations, and current and potential employers.
  • Creating a comprehensive funding program for workers staying in the labour market to address their needs across the stages of securing a new job, including income support, education and skills building, re-employment, and mobility.
  • Investing in comprehensive retraining and apprenticeship programs for industrial trades workers for jobs in the transition to a zero-carbon economy, especially the renewable and energy efficiency sectors.

Solar Jobs

It’s time our cities, towns and transportation systems entered the 21st century. Canada’s city planning is outdated. Eighty-two percent of Canadians live in urban centres, yet our roads, public transit systems, sprawling suburbs and disproportionately small municipal budgets are relics of a time when most of us lived in rural areas.

Poor planning means gridlock, longer commute times, mismanaged bike lanes, overcrowded buses, smoggy skylines and unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions from private cars.

Generate energy where we live by reinstating and improving the SaskPower net metering program for rooftop Solar Panels. Saskatchewan has the most hours of sunshine per year and the most expensive electricity rates of any province. Yet our solar industry has been held back by provincial regulatory scheme that favours coal and nuclear. We can be Canada’s solar powerhouse!

Build better, cleaner cities. Greens want smart city infrastructure designed for people, not cars. Our green growth plan includes upgraded municipal transportation budgets so that cities can generate jobs and afford efficient transit, coordinated buses, bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.

Canadians should love where they live. We want cities and towns connected by modern railways and public transportation, places where Canadian workers and families can move freely and easily experience all their regions have to offer. That’s why Green MPs will:

  • Reinstate and improve SaskPower Net Metering Program for solar panels
  • Create a smart, clear National Transportation Plan
  • Reinvest in our national rail network
  • Restore bus service to rural and remote Saskatchewan
  • Purchase electric buses
  • Increase federal funding for pedestrian, cycling and car-sharing infrastructure in towns and cities
  • Reinvest in public transportation infrastructure to make it convenient, safe, comfortable and affordable
  • Offer rebates for purchasing energy efficient vehicles, and within 10 years ban the purchase of new internal combustion engine vehicles
  • Mandate energy retrofits for all buildings by 2030

A thriving economy

A Saskatchewan Green Party government would implement “true” or “full-cost” accounting, whereby products and services are priced according to the positive or negative impacts they cause throughout their life cycle. It will end subsidies to highly profitable industries such as oil and gas, and shift funding to encourage the creation and growth of small businesses and rural value adding industries. We will encourage the growing and processing of hemp products such as rope, paper and cloth to create new rural investment opportunities. The Saskatchewan Green Party will work to re-establish efficient railways in order to reduce the wear and tear on our road system caused by over sized trucks using under-engineered roads.


In Saskatchewan we are justly proud of our health care system. Compared to the for-profit, private insurer system south of the border, we have far better health outcomes at far less cost.

But there’s still a lot of work to do. Truly universal health care doesn’t simply start and end in a hospital or clinic. It attends to physical, mental and social well-being.

The opioid epidemic, technology-based models of care and the widening service gap in mental health are all signs that we have allowed the steady degradation of single-payer universal health care. The slashing of hospital beds in the early 1990s and the creeping presence of two-tier health care must be pushed back.

We need to expand our public services. Canada is the only industrialized nation with universal health care that doesn’t have publicly funded prescription drug coverage, also known as pharmacare. Canadians pay the second-highest rate among developed countries for pharmaceuticals.

Saskatchewan can lead the way toward universal pharmacare as we did for medicare over 50 years ago.
Privatized prescription drug coverage, dental benefits, and addiction prevention and rehabilitation programs have created a two-tier health system where wealth opens the door to a full range of care.

Greens will:

  • Expand public health care to include pharmacare, establishing a Crown corporation to bulk purchase and dispense prescription drugs and providing much needed coverage.
  • Include basic dental care in our national coverage.
  • Extend dental care to low income children.
  • Fund non-institutionalized, community-based support for substance-abuse prevention and rehabilitation programs.
  • Create a national drug reduction strategy and develop more safe injection sites.
  • Regulate the distribution of pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors to track and prevent dangerous levels of over-medication and prevent opioid addiction.
  • Develop national health care guidelines that incentivise active lifestyles as well as healthy diets and choices.
  • Treat drug addiction as a public health issue, not a felony.

Electoral Reform

Voters in the west are demanding a more democratic model for voting. Naomi Hunter for Leader of the Saskatchewan Greens is advocating for a change from our province’s first-past-the-post voting system to one that is fair and representational. Let’s make Saskatchewan the first province to adopt a one vote equals one vote system of democracy. Let’s reignite people’s faith in democracy by adopting a system that reflects every voter, instead of 35% of the population getting 100% of the power. This is something Naomi Hunter has heard over and over during her leadership campaign and while door knocking during her recent federal campaign. She is ready to work across party lines to make it happen.

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