Solar Jobs


It’s time our cities, towns and transportation systems entered the 21st century. Canada’s city planning is outdated. Eighty-two percent of Canadians live in urban centres, yet our roads, public transit systems, sprawling suburbs and disproportionately small municipal budgets are relics of a time when most of us lived in rural areas.

Poor planning means gridlock, longer commute times, mismanaged bike lanes, overcrowded buses, smoggy skylines and unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions from private cars.

Generate energy where we live by reinstating and improving the SaskPower net metering program for rooftop Solar Panels. Saskatchewan has the most hours of sunshine per year and the most expensive electricity rates of any province. Yet our solar industry has been held back by a provincial regulatory scheme that favours more expensive and environmentally damaging coal and nuclear options. We can be Canada’s solar powerhouse!

Build better, cleaner cities. Greens want smart city infrastructure designed for people, not cars. Our green growth plan includes upgraded municipal transportation budgets so that cities can generate jobs and afford efficient transit, coordinated buses, bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.

Canadians should love where they live. We want cities and towns connected by modern railways and public transportation, places where Canadian workers and families can move freely and easily experience all their regions have to offer. That’s why Green MPs will:

  • Reinstate and improve SaskPower Net Metering Program for solar panels
  • Create a smart, clear National Transportation Plan
  • Reinvest in our national rail network
  • Restore bus service to rural and remote Saskatchewan
  • Purchase electric buses
  • Increase federal funding for pedestrian, cycling and car-sharing infrastructure in towns and cities
  • Reinvest in public transportation infrastructure to make it convenient, safe, comfortable and affordable
  • Offer rebates for purchasing energy-efficient vehicles, and within 10 years ban the purchase of new internal combustion engine vehicles
  • Mandate energy retrofits for all buildings by 2030

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